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Hi all,

I have been trying to change rustyideasandbentimages to iwalkinhiswisdom for some time now to no avail. It could be that He wants me to use the latter. Let me explain. My wife and I have been homeless on and off for 31 months now. In this journey our faith has been challenged to the fullest. We have been out of work for a long time now as have so many of you. We all can get so discouraged. Some have even come to the conclusion that God does not care about them. They are wrong!  Hebrews 11: 1 says this, ” Faith is the subtance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen.” Jesus tells us in John 15, 7 that if we walk in Him and walk in His Word, Anything we ask  will be done. Be saved and walked in His Word, Sounds simple, right?  Not always so. Satan knows this to. Satan can never take away our salvation but he will do everything he can to destroy our faith which would also kill our witness.   Jesus says He does not want one to perish, No not one. Think satan don’t know this? 

I will not be talking of our journey yet. First, It goes way back and we are waiting for Him to tell us when. There is a lot to remember. I know many people in Christ are struggling and I know  how it feels. The above that I mentioned, rustyideasandbentimages? This may well be used to described all the advise we have been given in the name of God in our journey. It has been given with kindness but not Godly wisdom. I will go further in this later. I hope this will touch your hearts and you will share and comment on it. Pray for us as we wait on Him to guide us in this. 

Steve M


About inhiswisdomiwalk

I am a very average guy from the foothills of NC.I have been married 34 years now and have two great children, Both grown. I have a superlative sense of humor which is what my blog will be mostly about. Things i say or see offhand. Thanks for listening.
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