The Good Old Days?

I’m in my late 50’s. So what, you say. I have at least partially lived some of the so called good old days.When I was 13 my family and I moved into this very old home in the country. It had no inside heat except a wood stove  that did not reach the upstairs where I slept. The living room was very hot where the stove was but the rest of the downstairs was  mostly chilly. And the heat never reached up to us. Getting up in the morning was really a  challenge. What made it worse was the siding on the house was old and turned up so we could see out doors and if it snowed some would come in the house. That was cold, So very cold! Also, We had to use an outhouse to do our private business. We had no inside water so in the morning my brother and I would have to go to the well and pump enough water for the day. Also, We had to cut enough wood for the next 24 hours. When we got home we had to help my dad remodel the house so our social life was not so good.

 I know this is more than likely just a small part of the “Good old days” but I will admit that I like today’s world better. All modern and easy to use. What do you think?

Steve M 


About inhiswisdomiwalk

I am a very average guy from the foothills of NC.I have been married 34 years now and have two great children, Both grown. I have a superlative sense of humor which is what my blog will be mostly about. Things i say or see offhand. Thanks for listening.
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