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Homeless man in Tokyo

Homeless man in Tokyo (Photo credit: theeruditefrog)


This is me again. We have had to move to a low priced motel, a sleazy one at that. We may  never truly understand our journey but we must hold faith.  He is always faithful. We know so many people now that are homeless and lost hope and we want to help their faith grow but we would need to be near them to help. The hardest part for me is not giving my wife a home. 2’nd Timothy tells us that He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I hold to this dearly. Without His Word as my shield I would never make it.

Don’t want to take up to much time today but if you see this, Please pray for our country,  His church, The homeless and mine and my wife’s strength.

Love in Christ,

Steve M




Society (Photo credit: ultrakml)


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I am a very average guy from the foothills of NC.I have been married 34 years now and have two great children, Both grown. I have a superlative sense of humor which is what my blog will be mostly about. Things i say or see offhand. Thanks for listening.
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