A Long Journey


This journey is getting to be a might scary at times. My wife and I have decided to start going back to the beginning and taking notes of what we have been through. As I said before, It’s been a long, long journey but our Lord has never left us. We want our testimonies to inspire many who are struggling in this life. We are not Job but this has and will be a most rewarding blessing for all those who will follow what we have and are going through and how He has never forsaken us. Because its been so long we decided to write it down on microsoft word first so we get the details right. Being homeless, We know so many that are highly educated, Well trained or have years of experience that have no job or home. Even at times, Their families have forsaken them. We know from first hand experience how many people look down on the homeless. Let me say this, There are many good people in this predicament and for all of you that are saved by His wonderful grace your salvation can never be taken away. The peace He gives us on a daily basis in His promise to us all.

We pray for all who are in this, No matter why. It is so very difficult but also knowing        He is always with us is such a wonderful blessing!

I hope to start our full story soon. Pray not only for us but all those going through this. He does not want one to perish, No, Not one.

English: A homeless person's shelter under a f...

English: A homeless person’s shelter under a fallen Willow tree along in New South Wales, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About inhiswisdomiwalk

I am a very average guy from the foothills of NC.I have been married 34 years now and have two great children, Both grown. I have a superlative sense of humor which is what my blog will be mostly about. Things i say or see offhand. Thanks for listening.
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