A little disappointed.

As I started doing this blog on our {and others} homelessness I was sure there would be more than a few that would feel compassion if nothing else. We have no need for sympathy because we are sure when we keep the faith He will keep His promises. We are learning that through all this we are going through He has been faithful and always sustained us. We have so many people that we have met that have been moved by our faith, Have prayed for us and encouraged us but through out the USA and around the world I have not had one comment of any kind about our situation or the plight of so many people around the world that have no home and therefore no hope.  This could be someone you know, are related to or have just met on the street. Some want no better BUT  many do!

I have been moved by the stories we have heard from some of these people. Family, friends and others have let them down and even looked down on them. I keep thinking that as Gods people we should remember to love them as Christ loved us. Totally unselfishly. It’s so difficult to watch as people look down at the ground as they pass by the homeless or just simply look the other way as they do not exist. My goal is to tell our whole story sometime on WordPress.org unless He tells me otherwise. The story is actually about God and His walk with us. He never forsakes us.

I truly cannot think of anything else to say except how so hurt I am that it appears no one out there seems to care. Not sympathy please. Just someone care about these people, and pray for us.

English: A man sleeping on the street of The B...

English: A man sleeping on the street of The Bowery in Manhattan. The sign is for luxury condos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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I am a very average guy from the foothills of NC.I have been married 34 years now and have two great children, Both grown. I have a superlative sense of humor which is what my blog will be mostly about. Things i say or see offhand. Thanks for listening.
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