Funny man has the blues.


Im back, I’ve noticed no one is looking at my blogs. My wife has 102 views, I have 9. Can anyone tell me how to do better? Just learning wordpress and we have not done anything to get views, sooo!  Saw our daughter yeaterday from UNCG. Had a nice time for a couple hours. Ran some ideas by her for our content when we move to to start our online business, Now she has something else to think about. Shes doing well in school and in her second year. We are so proud of her as all parents are.

   This willl not be my main site. As I said, I am just practicing for bigger things on .org. Well, Not much to add today so must go.

 Again, Thanks for listening

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Funny Me?

Hi everyone  .I’m Steve and I’m so new at this blogging!!  My wife and I are building an affiliate marketing site in the future on and just practicing on Someone said this was easy?  Still trying to learn the  basics and am fumbling around using an outdated book called WordPress for Dummies. We will triumph   because He is with us. Amen? 

I will talk more on me later. Hope to get to know many of you soon!

Thanks for listening… Steve

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